Full-length sci-fi feature film

(in development)

In a future South African city the chasm between the rich elite and the poor masses has widened, The police, known as The Rubber, operate like robots – their personalities and identities submerged in their uniforms. They have unlimited power, to protect the rich. Tso, an ex-boxer with an explosive temper lives in an urban high-rise slum which is policed by COC, a multinational security corporation. He is driven by a fierce will to ensure that his young brother and sister escape the poverty he has grown up in. But he is arrested by COC and to his surprise offered freedom and large amounts of cash. But in exchange he must become a ‘runner’ for them. He soon discovers that he is taking part in a depraved and illegal game of life or death, designed to entertain the super-rich. But it is in the hell of the old Hotel Kalifornia, that he meets a young Chinese woman and falls in love for the first and last time.