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Woni – Music Video

Director: Justice Mukheli

War Child

Director: Justice Mukheli

Soweto All Stars

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

MTN – Marvin

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Vodacom – Summer Loving

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

MTN – Community Tables

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Nedbank – Sharlto

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Nedbank – John Kani

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Vodacom – Jaiva

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

SAB be the Mentor

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


In the late 18th century, in the verdant land of the Nguni kingdoms of South East Africa, kings and queens, warriors and witches, spies, slavers, marauders and traders struggle for power....

Back of the Moon

28 July 1958. Badman, an intellectual and the leader of the most powerful gang in Sophiatown, lives life on his own terms in this crazy, cosmopolitan, half demolished ghetto on the edge of Johannesburg....

The Road

For the impressionable young students arriving at varsity in the heart of Joburg, an education holds the key to every success....

Love & Broken Bones

Breaking bones is hard. Finding love is harder. A lonely, ruthless debt collector with a penchant for jazz, falls in love with a vibrant, quirky wedding planner, who also happens to be his latest assignment....

Mnatebawen – Khuli Chana

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Powa – Tumi

Director: Teboho  Mahlatsi

Temperature Rising – Les Nubians

Director: Andrew Dosunumu

Nkaiketsang – Thembi Seete

Director: Andrew Dosumnu

Ghetto Fabulous – Zola

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Bloma Nice (Sure Ntombazana) – Thembi & Wanda

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Un Gaou a Paris – Magic Systems

Director: Andrew Dosunmu

Victory lap – AKA

Director: Thabang Moleya & Kutlwano Ditsele

Shay’zandla – Thembi Seete

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Hazzadazz Move – Khuli Chana

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi & Thabang Moleya

Mpinthsi Mpontsho – M’du

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


For the impressionable young students arriving at varsity in the heart of Joburg, an education holds the key to every success....

MTN – Uganda

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Amstel Apprentice

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Engen Friends

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Vodacom Summer Lovin

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

DSTV Rap Battle

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

VODACOM 20th Anniversary

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

MTN Doorman

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

MTN Fifa Love Story

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

Peak Milk – Kanu

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Director: Teboho Mahlatsi

FNB – An Ode to the Mainstream Market

Director: Teboho Mahlatsi


Ayeye follows the trials and tribulations of three friends JK, Neo and Lebo who live together in downtown Johannesburg and work as creatives...

Think Big

Think Big follows 12 inspiring entrepreneurs as they get ready to grow their dream business. But are they ready? For these 12 small giants, financial independence is not enough....


The backdrop. A lucrative and dangerous taxi world. Two young lovers destined for each other, are torn apart by the bitter century long feud that rages between their families......

LilliesLeaf Museum

The Liliesleaf Museum is situated in a house in the suburb of Rivonia, Johannesburg. It was in this house that Nelson Mandela hid, posing as a worker......

Hector Pieterson Museum

The Hector Pieterson museum is situated at the site in Orlando, Soweto, where students protesting the then Nationalist government’s Afrikaans education policy......

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum bears witness to South Africa’s apartheid past and our triumphant transition to democracy. Bomb designed, produced and installed......

La Toma (The Siege)

On the 6th November 1985 an event took place in downtown Bogota that changed the course of Colombian history. Thirty five members of the guerilla group, M -19......

Burning Man

On the 17th May Ernesto was attacked by a group of South Africans and burnt alive. His crime: being a foreigner. Director, Adze Ugah, journeys to Ernesto’s village in Mozambique......

7, 14, 21 & 28 – UP South Africa

In 1964 Granada Television’s Word in Action, decided to make a documentary about the British class system. Taking as their cue the Jesuit saying, Give me a child until he is seven and I will show......

Soweto: A History

The story of a history. A culture. Community. People with a story to tell. This three part series is an intense journey from the birth of Soweto in the early part of this century......

Mandela (1997)

MANDELA is a candid, definitive portrait of one of the greatest leaders of our time. The film traces Mandela’s life from his childhood roots as Xhosa tribal royalty through rebellion......

Sekali le Meokgo

A reclusive stickfighter becomes enchanted with a mysterious figure of a beautiful woman in the cold mountains of the Magic Kingdom. However, to free her he must first vanquish an evil horseman......

Transit Café

Transit Café is a love story set in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. A man is sent in search of his brother’s widow and child. After swindling a woman and her young daughter out of their money......

Hotel Kalifornia

Tso, an ex-boxer with an explosive temper, lives in an urban high-rise slum that is policed by a multinational security corporation. He is driven by a fierce will to ensure that his young brother...

Soul Buddyz

Soul Buddyz is South Africa’s premier children’s programme. It reaches more than 5 million 8-14 year olds and the adults who take care of them. It’s a programme children love......


An edgy educational youth drama set in Nairobi. Shuga explores sexuality and relationships in a vivid and uncompromising way. It was a huge hit not only in Kenya but aired......

Jacobs Cross

An epic drama series about powerful oil magnates battling for Africa’s rich off-shore oil resources. Set in both South Africa and Nigeria, the story centers around businessman Jacob Makhubu Abayomi......

Zone 14

Zone 14 is different to the high end soaps of middle class bedrooms and boardrooms. It is rooted in real life and celebrates the lives of working class South Africans....

Yizo Yizo

SABC 1’s premier cult youth show. This gritty, uncompromising television drama series set in a township school achieved record-breaking audiences and cult status amongst South Africa’s Yizo Yizo......