Burning Man

Burning Man

Poignant     Thought-provoking


Ernesto Nhamuave

On the 17th May Ernesto was attacked by a group of South Africans and burnt alive. His crime: being a foreigner. Director, Adze Ugah, journeys to Ernesto’s village in Mozambique to meet his family and visit the place that he called home. Ernesto came to South Africa in search of a better life, to make money to provide for his wife and children in his village in Mozambique. He stayed in the Ramaphosa informal settlement on the East Rand and worked on a construction site.

Adze tries to understand who Ernesto was, what the events were that led to him being set alight and burnt to death and how this tragedy could have happened.

Burning Man is a tribute to the Mozambican father and husband who lost his life in the xenophobic violence in 2008.