Soul Buddyz

Soul Buddyz


South Africa’s premier children’s programme

Soul Buddyz reaches more than 5 million 8-14 year olds and the adults who take care of them. It’s a programme children love to watch with their parents. Bomb teamed up with Bonggoe Films and formed BonBomb to develop, create and produce Soul Buddyz season 5 for the Soul City Institute.

Soul Buddyz children act. They do things for themselves and help their friends and community face difficult issues.  Soul Buddyz centres around strong real-life stories that affect children, their parents and teachers. At Klipville ‘Primary School alcohol is a big problem which wreaks havoc in the lives of the Soul Buddyz children and their families. The buddies set out to take on local gangsters, challenge a local shebeen owner and deal with the bullies in their class to make sure school is a safer and better place to learn. At the same time they are determined to enter the inter- school dance competition and win!

Soul Buddyz 5  was central  to a highly successful wider campaign called Phuza Wize,   which mobilized communities to deal with the issue of binge drinking and violence.