Zone 14

Zone 14


Street Soap

 The people who live in Zone 14 don’t give up


Zone 14 is different to the high end soaps of middle class bedrooms and boardrooms. It is rooted in real life and celebrates the lives of working class South Africans.

Zone 14 was the first of its kind in SA.

  •  It was the 1st multi-camera studio rigged for drama in a township.
  •  It integrated the real community into its landscape
  • It created 1000 regular jobs and 2000 part -time jobs  annually for mainly young black South Africans as well as for people living within the surrounding community.

The show reflects both the grit and glamour of a changing township world. Life happens on the street where soccer bosses, small time traders, aspiring players, bankers and gangsters live side by side.

Zone 14 celebrates and captures the cultural phenomena of soccer. Not just the game but the dreams and hopes that continuously feed it. At the centre of the drama are the Tiger Boys: a soccer team struggling and aspiring to one day make it to the premier league and two rival families, the Sibiyas and the Molois who have  both had generations of soccer triumphs.

Zone 14 was broadcast on SABC 1 twice a week and enjoyed a very high viewership rating  (average 50% audience share).